As a Family of baptized believers, we are committed to the following: A believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation and personal relationship with God.



Serving the believers, the lost (unsaved), the hurting, broken, and those in spiritual bondage.


Being sent or sending members to serve and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the City, the State, the Country, and the World.


Using both traditional and non-traditional methods in reaching those who are outside of the Community of Faith.


Spiritually maturing believers to remaining faithful worshippers in our weekly Services and daily lives; and maturing those who come to our Church Family through the infallible Word of God.


Encouraging believers to use their Spiritual Gifts and Financial Resources in sectors of the world such as business, education, entertainment, athletics, politics, and the arts that our Lord God may be glorified. Believing in the Holy Spirit and His Gifts, which empower the believer for Ministry and to live a Victorious Life.


Constantly building relationships that display the Love of God in care, concern, and commitment to our follow believer.

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