In June 1992, a vision was given to Pastor  Donald G. Burgs, Jr., for birth of a church in Alief Community.  Through prayer, planning and much labor Alief’s leadership and guidance of Donald’s G. Burgs, Jr and Gilbert Giles, and their wives, Berthinia Burgs and Erma Giles, with the assistance of Wilcrest Baptist Church – Pastor Rodney Woo, and Southern Baptist Convention.  After our initial meeting, 9 additional souls were added to the new church family.  For the first six (6) months, Alief Baptist shared the building with the Alief Church of the Nazarene located at 12222 Seashore Drive and later moved to 4134 South Kirkwood again to share a building with the Upper Room Fellowship Church.  It was at that location where the Lord Blessed each of our efforts.

First in 1994, with the aide and financial support of Reverend and Mrs. Gilbert Giles, we purchased 3 acres of land at 8619 Cook Road for construction of the new church facility. It was during that same period at 4134 South Kirkwood where the Lord added more than 500 souls to our church family.  Thereafter, Pastor Burgs lead our church in areas of strategic planning for church construction.  However, in 1998 the Belleaire West Baptist Church located at 7602 South Kirkwood was placed on the market For Sale. Subsequently, after much prayer and financial planning, Pastor Burgs presented to the young congregation the opportunity to purchase the building consisting of 30,000 square feet of space with 44 classrooms, 10 offices, and a 700 seat sanctuary.  In addition, all the furnishings were included at a price of $725,000.  To further illustrate how the Lord was with the young congregation, we were able to retain the property at 8619 Cook Road and purchase and acquire new facilities.  Through financial savings and stewardship by the congregation, we were able to purchase and close on September 1, 1999.  From the First Sunday of our entry, Lord added and addition 1700 souls to our congregation.  As an outgrowth of these many ministries and departments were begun.

Further, Alief Baptist Church was the 2004 Charles Haddon Spurgeon Award Recipient in the category of Prayer History.  This prestigious honor was presented by the Billy Graham School of Evangelism of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  With the aforementioned award, the Southern Baptist Convention of America now ranks Alief Baptist Church as one of the top three percent (3%) of all Southern Baptist Congregations.  On October 25, 2006 the Lord presented another Rich Blessing to the young congregation; on said mention date Alief Baptist PAID OFF it’s mortgage eight(8) years before maturity.

On December 21, 2006, Alief Baptist Church was positioned to receive another blessing from our Lord, with the purchase of the First Baptist Church of Katy, Texas for $1.8 million dollars.  With the purchase of said property Alief Baptist acquired of more than 60,000 square feet which includes: A seating capacity of 1500, a two-story family center with lockers & showers, a chapel for seating 250, 150 classrooms, a television satellite dish broadcasting system and five portable buildings on 3.5 acres of land.  With the purchase of our Katy facility we now serve both communities as advocates for spiritual and social concerns.

It is evident that our Lord has anointed and blessed this church with many efforts of success; therefore, we come to celebrate what the Lord has done in and through us.  From the initial three (3) founding members and nine (9) charters members to the present 3000 members, God has truly smiled upon us.  Consequently we look forward to tomorrow to celebrate again in what new things that He has already begun.

Prayer Request